Why Learning Guitar Scales Is Important

Become A Master At Scales

What is a scale? A scale is a succession of notes in a particular order or pattern. These patterns do not change with reference towards key signature. The notes are uniquely related to the scale that you are using. Some of the most common scales on the guitar include the major scale, minor scale, and the pentatonic scale.

Learning guitar scales is one of the best ways to develop your own unique sound and playing style. It is vitally important to learn guitar scales as it creates a framework for all guitar playing. Learning even a few scales will make your skills grow and you will ultimately become a better guitar player and musician.

A good way to develop finger coordination
Learning scales is one of the best ways to develop finger coordination. This is due to the fact that scale exercises enhance finger speed. When a person learns some scales frontwards and backwards and becomes smooth in them, he or she will be able to play the guitar like a proper guitarist.

Even if you have not learned the specifics of the guitar style you are aiming to learn, fast fingers make all styles much easier. When practicing the guitar daily, it is always a good warm up to play up and down scales to get the fingers loose and ready.

Improves chord execution

As strange as it may seem, learning scales will likely improve your chord execution. It is possible for you to finger chords much cleaner and quicker after learning about guitar scales. Practicing learning your chords and learning your scales will be detrimental to your success as a guitar player.

Helps you understand the different genres of music
Learning scales will allow you to fully explore and understand the different genres of music. For instance, if you love playing blues, your playing will depend on whether you can apply the most common scales for this genre of music i.e. major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and blues scales.

As you learn more about guitar scales, you will recognize them in songs and you will get to the point of visually being able to see in your mind what guitar players are doing during songs because you have heard the notes of that scale so many times.

However, you don’t have to know every scales. Start by learning only those scales that are commonly used for the genre of music you are interested in.

Improves your knowledge of the melody you can get from a guitar
Learning guitar scales is the only way to improve your knowledge of the melody you can get from your guitar. It will help you develop better control of your left and right hands such that they move and play in harmony.

By practicing the scales on a regular basis, you will start becoming aware of the way your guitar strings are tuned. This enables you to play your guitar naturally without thinking. The concept of playing scales over and over is actually quite helpful.

The more you learn about guitar scales, the better guitar player you will become. Remember that you always need to start with the basics and work your way up. Guitar scales are quite difficult because it needs a lot of practice to master them but with constant practice, you will learn guitar scales easily.