Becoming A Better Freestyle Rapper

How Freestyling Can Make You A Respetcable Rapper

Hip Hop is without question the most influential genre is music today. It’s the music that has the most trends and is what our kids model themselves after. There is no other genre that creates a culture and trend like hip hop. One of the most common and increasingly popular components in the rap game is without a doubt free styling. Even with the current breed of emcees out right now that obviously have every little lyrical skill. Free styling whether it be a pre-written verse or an of the top of the head freestyle is what true emcees are measured by in terms of their skills.

One of the biggest and most popular stages for this display is now on youtube where rappers compete against each other for a grand prize and a crowd of people and judges get to vote. It’s all about making a name for yourself and getting the respect of others. Back in the day rappers did this to get notice by battling in events like the ‘Rap Olympics’ where the best of the best go head to head and some usually have other record labels watching to see if they can spot any talent. Learning how to freestyle can be very difficult at first. Once you just relax and understand that no matter how bad you mess up, you just have to keep going. You need to be able to train yourself to pick up where you messed up and keep going.

This exercises your brain to be able to come up with rhymes on the spot and increase your ability to keep going. It also helps you perfect different styles and you delivery. Learning how to write rap verses and free styling go hand in hand. If you can practice writing you will also train your brain to constantly think of words that rhyme and how to play with them and twist them around. Most artist will just write all day and save some of the best rhymes and use them in a battle or cypher. If you’ve ever watch he cyphers on BET you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. These artist have a ton of raps in their arsenal and can come up with a few rap bars and put them together and delivery some amazing freestyles. If you want to get better at rapping and you really want to become a rapper then there is no better way to advance your skill and get recognition like being able to freestyle. If you can do this at a decent level people are going to respect you. Real rappers know how difficult it is to freestyle and with he skill of todays rappers the competition isn’t really that impressive like it was 10 years ago. So if you can master the freestyle you will be head and shoulders above most of the rap artist out there today. Just make sure that you always practice and you don’t give up no matter how frustrating it can get at times.